Wesley Chapel “1875”

  • Client Dandara
  • Year 2013
  • Location St. Helier Jersey
  • Contractor Dandara
  • Team Mike Waddington, Dave Kemp, Paul Oliver

The design is less to do with expressive architecture and more to do with exploring an approach that is hierarchically subservient to the classical Wesley Chapel façade.  The architectural language is simple and in the minor classical idiom. The resultant design is calm and carefully proportioned and provides an appropriate and dignified setting for the renovated Wesley Chapel, as well as an important new small urban square.  The materials are generally painted stucco with crisp, simple detailing and deep shadows which are sculpted from the deep reveals and colonnades.  The sidewalls and portico of the Chapel are re-built to echo the originals but also to allow the formation of under croft parking spaces and storage for the residents. The scheme provides a mix of 56 number 1 and 2-bed apartments.