At Waddington’s we believe we have a custodial role in our community, and actively embrace initiatives like Project Trident, IOD Work Shadowing and DEC (Design Engineering and Construction) in order to help young people understand how exciting and accessible our industry is. We also organise design and drawing workshops in several local schools, to help build creative confidence, curiosity and have some fun. Fun’s important to us. Do get in touch if your school has a program in which we could help.


Year 3 Victoria College Prep.

Motivating Young Minds

Bruno our Head of Architecture held a talk with the Year 3’s at Victoria College Prep, giving them an insight into a career in architecture.

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Hautlieu Year 11

Drawing Workshop

Following our initial workshops held at De La Salle, we were lucky to be invited to join a Year 11 class at Hautlieu to give them an insight into the design industry!



De La Salle Workshop

"Beauty and delight in everyday life."

We had the chance to join a year 10 Design Technology class at De La Salle and give them an insight into the world of architecture.

Focusing on ‘beauty and delight in everyday life’ we focused on small everyday objects and the intricate details you might normally ignore.

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