Population growth demands urbanization which consequently pressurizes rural land and risks creating ecological damage.

Compact cities and urban areas are part of the solution to protect rural surroundings, but citizens also require fresh air, clean water and open green spaces to enjoy. Along with good quality housing and amenities, these are the basic ingredients for ‘attractive urban living’.



John Henry Moignard was born on 18th March 1921 and grew up in St Lawrence, He left school aged 14, learning his trade as a motor mechanic at St Helier Garages. A talented engineer, he opened Moignard’s Garage at Bel Royal, aged only 17. During the Occupation of Jersey, he built a windmill to charge car batteries and to supply electricity to his garage, where he repaired everything from bicycles to saucepans, even using rubber tyres to sole shoes as shortages took hold. Following a tip off to the German Occupying Forces for having radio parts in his possession, he was imprisoned in Newgate Street Prison and then moved on to a prison in France for six months. When Moignard passed away in 2004. he generously bequeathed “the residue of my personal estate and my real estate unto the Connétable for the time being of the Parish of St Lawrence with the request that it be spent on some capital project for the benefit of the Parish”. In 2014 during the public consultation as part of the proposed Village Improvement Plan, Parishioners asked for a Village Garden to be created within the historic Parish centre of St Lawrence and it was recognised that Moignard’s bequest could be used to fund a new and vibrant public space that could be enjoyed by generations to come. The creation of a public footpath through St Lawrence School grounds and sports field which would provide safer pedestrian off road access to the school, a small rural car park and the Moignard Liberation Garden were the result.


The role of Landscape in Architecture

A glimpse into the landscape projects we have been involved in over the years and the benefits of landscape within an architectural project. At Waddington, not only do we offer Architecture and Interior Design services but Landscape Architecture services too.


College Gardens Urban Living

Completed in Summer 2019, College Gardens is the perfect example of modern urban living. Softened by thoughtful planting, integrated bench seating, pétanque & a permanent table tennis table.
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Turning Offices into Homes for Island Residents

This is a project intent on recycling and reusing an out-dated construction, transforming it to reveal a new, sophisticated residential space for the people of St Helier. Bath Street, as we know it today runs in a south to north direction from Queen Street to David Place. Originally thought to be public baths, the branding behind this development is one of belonging, history, status and warmth.


The Compact Garden Suburb

Waddington’s concept diagram for creating greener, healthier and happier communities.


Chough Aviary for The National Trust

The red-billed chough, a former resident of Jersey and once found on several areas of the Island’s coastline, became extinct by 1900. This highly charismatic bird (Chauvette in Jèrriais) was returned to Jersey through the release of birds bred at Durrell and Paradise Park in Cornwall and has become a prominent flagship for the restoration project and highlight the Island’s conservation in a world setting. The Chauvette could become a symbol too of the Island’s ambitious Coastal National Park. The overall, long-term, coastland restoration project was launched as Birds On The Edge in 2012 with the red-billed chough as its flagship.
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